Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pre Game Show: 2nd Round State Tournament

Pre Game Show Guest
Will Avery
We Augusta Basketball Reporters cannot think of a better way to prepare ourselves and our viewers for a great night of second round state tournament action than to talk hoops with Augusta's premiere authority regarding basketball at all levels: former Westside Patriot, Duke Blue Devil, NBA lottery pick, and long time professional William Avery.

Will brings a unique perspective to the discussion of the teams - Westside, Laney, and Aquinas - competing in tonight's second round.  Avery won a state title in 1994 as a sophomore guard and competed in two final four rounds in 1993 and 1995.  Listen to Will's analysis (and watch the accompanying highlights) to hear Will's views on the following topics:

1)  How does Westside's current back court combo of Frank Booker and Ronald Campbell compare to the legendary duo of Ricky Moore and Avery himself?

2)  Why is guard play so important to each of the remaining three teams' success?

3)  What is Will's assessment of Aquinas guards Ahmed Hill and Michael Scott?

4)  What is Will's opinion of Laney's fine coaching staff, and how what does he think about the Wildcats' chances of going deep in the state playoffs?

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