Thursday, March 22, 2012

Live from Springfield: Houston's Knowles and Jackson

Houston's Chicken Knowles and Justin Jackson

Watch the highlights (below) of the HCYA Warriors, the favorite to win the 2012 NCHBC National Championship.  The Warriors just dismantled the Indianapolis Wildcats.  HCYA, from Houston, Texas, is led by 6'6" sophomore guard Justin Jackson and 6'9" senior center Danrad "Chicken" Knowles (interviewed above).  Jackson is the Class of 2015's 10th ranked player, according to, and Knowles, himself ranked in the top 100 of the Class of 2012, will play for the University of Houston next season.

HCYA on the break
HCYA second chance point
HCYA for 3
HCYA in transition
Jackson in transition
HCYA too big inside!!
HCYA's Chicken Knowles with the Dunk!
HCYA for 3
HCYA's teamwork

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