Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free Skill Sessions: A Special Opportunity

A Full Gym Early Saturday

The fourth Saturday at the Will Avery Fall League started early with two skill development sessions.  With attendance approaching 100 total boys and girls, organizers have added an extra session to meet the demand.Many involved are amazed at the turnout at such an early time.  "I can't believe this many kids are here at 8 A.M.!" remarked former Augusta State player and coach Buck Harris.

But according to organizer William Avery, the coaching contributions of Harris and his former Augusta State players Adam Miller, Keith Harrison, and Chad Cook help make the free sessions well worth attending, no matter the time.

Avery explained his reasoning to the young players gathered near half court after the first session: "How many of you have the goal of playing college basketball some day? One great thing about these sessions is that you are learning from people who all played at that level."

And the versatility of the staff showed as the high school boys took the court at 9:15 A.M. Working with more experienced and advanced players, Harris, Avery, and Cook challenged them with appropriately difficult work.

"I tried to show the group the way someone who wants to be a great high school, or even college, player approaches his time in the gym," said Cook, who also coaches a high school basketball team.

And the players met the challenge admirably. Over thirty young men, almost all of whom were scheduled to play in league games beginning at 11:30 A.M., practiced with great enthusiasm. And the weekend work is apparently not a burden to the youngsters.

"One of the guys who was here at 9:15 and later played in a 2 P.M. game shook my hand and thanked me as we were leaving the gym," Cook explained.

The boys and girls participating in the Will Avery Fall League free skill sessions and league play are apparently having a great time while learning a good bit.

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