Wednesday, December 12, 2012

From Post Game Show: Update on Aquinas and Hephzibah (girls)

We ended Tuesday's post game show with an update from Aquinas's 87-85 loss at Jenkins County and the Hephzibah girls teams' win (its fourth straight) at home versus Thomson. By this time in the evening, Will and I were having a little fun, and we had two questions: 1) Where was Aquinas's defense Tuesday night? Guards Ahmed Hill and Michael Scott combined for 66 points (Hill 36, Scott 30), but the Irish were defeated at the buzzer after giving up 87 points in 32 minutes. To be fair, we didn't see the entire game. But hopefully the Aquinas faithful will give us a pass for speaking without direct knowledge of the game's details. I think it is well understood that we are big fans and supporters of Coach Bernie Norris's group. 2) How could I have called the Hephzibah girls team a "sleeper" in a recent article? A Hephzibah player has even warned that we snooze at our own risk. And Avery refuses to listen to my faulty logic (the Rebels began the season 0-3) by explaining that any Hephzibah team led by area coaching legend Wendell Lofton deserves the benefit of the doubt. Fair enough. We look forward to seeing the Lady Rebels attempt to extend the winning streak to 5 Friday at home versus Grovetown. But the Lady Warriors, winners of last night's game versus Richmond, will have different plans. And despite our good natured teasing of the Fighting Irish, we are absolutely thrilled about the upcoming Border Bash, hosted at Aquinas, which will feature games (among others) between Aquinas and two promising teams from the Carolinas: Shelby and Seneca. We will share more about the border bash and all of the teams involved very soon.

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