Saturday, December 15, 2012

GAIS vs. Gray Military (Boys) Live

This evening, ABR Live is posting live updates and highlights from high school games in Augusta and Columbia.  Follow the action here ( and on our Twitter page (@AugBball).

Final Score: GAIS 72 Gray Military 90

Leading Scorers
GAIS: Austin Crown 39 pts, Matt Miller 22 pts
Gray Military: Ed Stephens 16 pts, EJ Eaves 15 pts

GAIS 2nd Half Highlights (below)

Gray Military 2nd Half Highlights (below)
Halftime Score: GAIS 28 Gray Military 46

Leading Scorers
GAIS: Austin Crown 14 pts, Matt Miller 13 pts
Gray Military: Travis Hammond 12 pts, Ed Stephens 9 pts

GAIS First Half Highlights (below)

Gray Military First Half Highlights (below)

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