Friday, December 21, 2012

Laney vs North Mecklenburg

This evening, ABR Live is posting live updates and highlights from Friday's Games. Follow the action here ( and on our Twitter page (@AugBball).

Final Score: Laney 61 North Mecklenburg 53

Leading Scorers
Laney: Jashawn Brooks 25
North Mecklenburg: Tahjai Watt 16

Laney 2nd Half Highlights (below):

North Mecklenburg 2nd Half Highlights (below):


Halftime: Laney 24  North Mecklenburg 27

Leading Scorers
Laney: Jashawn Brooks 9
North Mecklenburg: Davion Menty 6, Tahjai Watt 6, Justin Elliot 6

Laney 1st Half Highlights (below):


Mecklenburge 1st Half Highlights (below):

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