Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scott and Hill's Shot Making: Thoughts from Friday

I have known Michael Scott for over a decade, and I think very highly of him.  And since meeting Ahmed Hill, I have come to admire and respect him a great bit.  So when Scott asked me recently how "my guys" (the GAIS team I coach) are doing, I told him they are fine and that his two friends, Austin Crown and Matt Miller, are the best guards, besides Scott and his partner Hill, within driving distance.

Those who know me best, including Scott, know that I don't put anyone in front of "my guys," even the "dynamic duo" from Aquinas.  But after seeing Hill and Scott in person last week and watching these highlights, I recognize something.  These guys make shots.  Outside shots.  And a lot of them.  Hill is a "pure shooter."  Not many people can be described as such.  And it is this shooting ability, mixed with his size and athleticism, that makes Hill ESPN's 4th ranked junior shooting guard in the nation.  And Scott has displayed his shooting touch lately with an array of mid range jump shots and floaters.

Watch Scott (28 points) and Hill (27 points) in the highlights above from Friday's win over Silver Bluff.  And see why I may one day have to concede that their is a combination of guards who can make shots and fill up the scoreboard like mine.

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