Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Big Night For the 'Big Three'

In a city full of great basketball players, three particular gentleman stand out. Each of these guys have brought spectators out of their seats, hushed opposing fans' cheers, and most importantly, left us all wanting more. These guys are Ahmed Hill, Frank Booker and Don Coleman.

Tonight, each of these players showed why they are so special. 

Ahmed Hill can score in almost any way imaginable. He can shoot very well from behind the arc, pull up in the lane, or slam one down (my personal favorite part of his game). There is a reason almost every college coach in the nation wants this guy on their team. If you have ever been in the same gym as Ahmed Hill, you have probably witnessed a jaw-dropping, signature explosive Hill slam. I jokingly say that he averages two off-of-the-backboard dunks per game. Tonight, Hill had one of his most impressive dunks yet. Our 'in-the-gym' reporter appropriately titled it, "OMG dunk." Those were my exact words when I saw this:

Hill tallied 29 points on the night, as Aquinas defeated Hancock Central 56-36 to advance to the Region 7A championship game.

Frank Booker is the best shooter in the area (in my opinion). Booker has never seen a shot he can't make. He feels comfortable from any part of the gym.  I think sometimes Booker simply gets tired of dribbling and decides to pull-up from wherever he is currently standing in the gym. He is the best player I have seen this year at creating space for a shot. Tonight Booker dropped 27 points in the first half, shooting 7-9 from downtown (sometimes way downtown.... like downtown Augusta). Watch his ridiculous array of buckets here:

Frank sat most of the second half, tallying 33 total points and leading his team to a 77-60 victory, advancing to the Region 3-AA championship on Saturday.

Don Coleman's picture is in the dictionary, right next to the term "Super Sophomore." When the stage is set and the lights shine the brightest, the young sophomore wants the ball and the lead role. Coleman can take his man to the hole or spot up from "Booker Land." This guy scores in bucket loads. On Thursday, Coleman led his team from behind in the fourth quarter to defeat Liberty County in the semi-final round of the Region 3-AAAA tournament. Coleman tallied 30 points in the victory. Tonight, the sophomore nearly led his team to a region tournament Championship. Oh yea, did I mention he scored 49 points? You heard right... 49!! Im not sure I could score 49 in a video game. The future looks mighty bright for this young star. See his never-ending points here:

Dontae Coleman's 49 points weren't quite enough to defeat Statesboro. The Bulldogs fell 77-82 in the Championship game.

Augusta (and surrounding areas): we are in luck! We still have time to get in the gym with these players. Catch the "Big Three" in a gym near you.

Westside's next matchup is at Laney on Saturday, February 16th at 8:00.
Aquinas' next contest is at Hancock Central Saturday, February 16th at 8:30.
Butler's next game is Tuesday, February 19th at home in the first round of the state playoffs.

If you can't make it to the gym, we will have every game covered. Follow us on twitter (@AugBball) and on

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