Thursday, February 14, 2013

Butler/Glenn Hills Matchup: Does the Outcome Change Your Mind?

I was thinking today about the Butler/Glenn Hills matchups this year, and I found myself wondering who is the better team. I know Butler has beaten them twice but could they really be better than Glenn Hills and all the depth they have. I mean Coleman, Jones and Leverett are great but Glenn Hills has about 5 different guys who on any night could put up double digits. With that being said, they rarely have someone put up 30-40 points as Butler does in Coleman.

My reason for blogging this is not to give you my opinion on the better team or to ask you your opinion at this point. As you probably have assumed, the two teams are on a collision course that will meet in the region championship barring any upsets. So, for the sake of discussion, lets say Glenn Hills knocks off Butler in the region championship. Now we have a Butler team who has beaten Glenn Hills twice but they lose in the region championship. What do you think now? People have doubted Butler all year and have looked for a reason to justify their doubts. Glenn Hills has been consistent all year and their only two losses have been to Butler and now they have knocked them off.

If you're a sports fan, I'm sure you recall two years ago when the LSU Tigers beat Alabama during the regular season and even won their conference championship but lost to Alabama in the national championship. There was controversy talk everywhere you looked. People said "LSU is the better team clearly, they have already beaten Alabama" or "Alabama is the better team. They just didn't play their best but you will see when they meet again." Well, Alabama won and with that only spurred on more debates and discussions. With our current circumstances we are faced with a similar situation. We have people saying "clearly Butler is the better team, just look at the win column" or" Glenn Hills has too much depth and there's no way Butler wins a third time." The debate is ongoing and many people, like myself, are on the fence on which one is the better team.

So does your opinion change on the outcome of their next possible matchup? Assuming Glenn Hills wins, what does that do to your opinion of both teams and which one is better? Is it fair that Butler could sweep Glenn Hills in the regular season but not be crowned region champs because of their one loss to Glenn Hills?

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  1. My comment is a little late, as of last night's results. However, I think Glenn Hills might have peaked too early and their lack of bigs hurt them, Ronald did whatever he wanted both games. Hephzibah's big man had his way as well; they win 4 to 6 more games if the guards learn to play inside out. This could be Butler's year and Glenn Hills will be even better next year as they developed the two bigs on their JV.