Thursday, February 14, 2013

SC vs GA...?

Thinking about the Reporter's Edition show where we picked our ABR first and second teams, I remember it being very challenging to pick the top players. The reason is because there are so many in the area and our coverage is not limited to just Augusta.

We cover teams in South Carolina as well. Some of these teams you may be familiar with, and others you may not. Therefore, I will stick to the South Carolina schools that are familiar to most people for this entry (North Augusta, Aiken, South Aiken, Keenan, Strom Thurmond, Silver Bluff, and Spring Valley).

What if we were to split the two states up? Then, what if the two teams were to play each other?

1st Team SC                                                        1st Team GA
1.) Marcus Stroman                                            1.) Michael Scott
2.) P. J. Dozier                                                    2.) Frank Booker
3.) T.J. Sheppard                                                 3.) Ahmed Hill
4.) Shawn Moore                                                 4.) Aubrey McRae
5.) Tavarez Hall                                                   5.) Ronald Jones

These are the teams I chose, and I am not saying these are for sure the best players from each state.  Who do you think woud win?

What other combinations would you like to see?


  1. I think the GA team would beat the SC team by double digits... The GA team is bigger, stronger, faster, better consistent shooters.... Just better All-around.... SC team has no one that can match up well against Frank and Ahmed Hill when it comes to scoring....

    1. I agree that GA would win, but I do not think they would win by double digits. Hill and Booker on the same team would be nearly impossible to control, they would be the deciding factors. However, Stroman for the SC team has played arguably the best team in the nation, Oak Hill, and he kept it a competitive game. The guys I chose for the SC team are all very competitive so they would make it a better game than you think. Hill and Booker are consistent shooters, besides them the GA team is not "all-around" consistent shooters. It would be a great game, maybe we can get a GA vs SC game in the near future.

  2. Maybe but I think it will be a lot closer. I can't call it now, tell me who the coach is and let me pick a six man, then I'll let you know.

    1. Well who would you choose as the coach and 6th man of each team?

  3. Zach you coach SC and Coach Chad Cook has GA, will split your backcourt with Matt going to GA. I have been knowing Matt for a while so I'll take GA now.