Friday, March 1, 2013

Laney defeats Kendrick to advance to the State Championship

 Laney defeats Kendrick 67-44    

Laney came in to today's game being only one game away from playing for a State Championship.  That was clearly on the minds of all the Wildcat fans, students, and alumni.  There was a different attitude in the Centennial Center here in Milledgeville, Georgia.  

Laney came out on a 5-0 run with the help of Khadijah Cave and Simone Smith.  If you have yet to see Laney play these girls are like Batman and Robin, Peanut Butter and Jelly, or even Ketchup and Mustard.  They compliment each other on the floor.  Kendrick came out with a full court press which gave Laney trouble from the start.  It truly tested the conditioning of the Wildcats and made them rely on their ball skills and communication.  After a hard fought first half Laney led by a score of 35-25.  Kendrick fought hard to stay in the game by knocking down the open jumpers and hitting free throws.  

As they 2nd half started you could see there were a lot of adjustments made at halftime.  Kendrick was now looking to double team Smith or Cave under the basket, but because of their size and skill they passed the ball to their teammates or went up strong to the basket and drew a foul.  Aliyah Collier really dominated the top of the key.  She passed the ball and looked for her open players because of the double team put into play by Kendrick.  At one point Laney went on a 9-0 run and was up on Kendrick by a score of 59-44!  After this Laney pushed forward to finish the game dominating the paint and defeating Kendrick by a score of 67-44!

Laney has fought all season long and has stayed undefeated.  They have proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with and deserve the right to play for a State Championship.  This is the dream for these Seniors.  To go out undefeated as State Champs.  It is feasible for them to accomplish with the skill on this team.  

See ya in Macon,

Tip Frank

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