Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coleman Measures Up Nicely

I originally began posting stories and highlights on this blog to spread the word about my GAIS Eagles basketball program.  Two summers ago I began writing and making videos about players and teams throughout the area.  After reporting about AAU teams coached by some friends of mine, the brother of one of the players from one of those teams asked me to make a highlight film.  The featured player was then 8th grader Dontae Coleman.  

At that time, I remarked that Don was a competitive guard who fearlessly attacked the basket and finished well with both hands.  Today he remains fearless and ultra competitive.  And he has really developed a solid set of skills.  And after an electric sophomore campaign (Coleman scored 49 points in a close loss to Statesboro in last season's region championship game), Coleman seems prepared to step firmly into a leadership role at Butler High School.

But high school basketball season is months away.  The Fall League is currently where Coleman is sporting his competitive streak.  Last week he sent me a private message after seeing his Lakers squad matched up against Ahmed Hill's Warriors.  Don was looking forward to battling the area's best player.

It has been fun to watch this nice young man grow.  In addition to becoming a very good player - indeed one of our area's best - he has remained modest yet confident.  Rather than appearing arrogant by publicly declaring his eagerness to face Hill on the court, he shared it in private and in good faith.  I'm sure Don will forgive me for sharing this.  And I assume Hill won’t mind either.  If he doesn’t already know guys will be at their best against him, he will know soon.  And I’m sure he would want things no other way.

According to Will Avery’s feature on the standout players at Evans High, Coleman did not disappoint Saturday, scoring 17 points and involving his teammates.  He has long been a proven scorer.  And he is maturing fast, making teammates better, and playing with poise.  Watch Coleman do battle with the guy everyone measures himself against, Aquinas star Ahmed Hill, in the highlights above.  And see the highlights from the entire game below. Led by Hill's 22 points, the Warriors defeated the Lakers to move to 4-0 in league play. The Lakers now stand 2-2.

Fall League Highlights (Week 2):  Warriors vs Lakers

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