Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fall League Schedule - Week 1

The Fall League begins Saturday, August 17.  All teams have entered free of charge.  We are hosting 34 games in four gyms.  And Will Avery is hosting a free 90 minute skill development session.  This Saturday's schedule is reflected below.  The schedule for August 24 will be published Monday, August 19.

Fall League Schedule:  August 19

Special FREE Skill Development Session, presented by Will Avery:
8AM - 9:30AM @ Evans Middle School

Grovetown High School
9AM:  Carolina Chaos vs GA Nets (JV Division)
10AM:  Timberwolves vs Grizzlies (Varsity Division)
11AM:  Clippers vs Pacers (Varsity Division)
Noon:  Spurs vs Warriors (Varsity Division)
1PM:  Tar Heels vs Panthers (JV Division)
2PM:  Clippers vs Spurs (Varsity Division)
3PM:  Pacers vs Warriors (Varsity Division)
4PM:  Panthers vs Augusta Metros Varsity (Varsity Division)
5PM:  Illinois vs Augusta Metros (Ladies Division)
6PM:  Bucks vs Sonic (Varsity Division)
7PM:  Nuggets vs ABR Open JV (JV Division)

Evans High School
8AM:  GA Nets vs Presidential Ballers R7 (Middle School Division)
9AM:  GA Celtics vs Team Premiere (Middle School Division)
10AM:  GA Nets vs Presidential Ballers R8 (Middle School Division)
11AM:  Hornets vs Blazers (Varsity Division)
Noon:  TBD
1PM:  Lakers vs Mavericks (Varsity Division)
2PM:  Pistons vs Rockets (Varsity Division)
3PM:  Blue Devils vs Brown's Electric (JV Division)
4PM:  Lakers vs Rockets (Varsity Division)
5PM:  Mavericks vs Pistons (Varsity Division)

Harlem High School
Noon:  Electric Elite vs GME Bulls (Middle School Division)
1PM:  GAIS 1 vs TBD (Middle School Division)
2PM:  GAIS JV vs Augusta Thunder
3PM:  Electric Elite vs Havoc (Middle School Division)
4PM:  GME Bulls vs GAIS 2 (Middle School Division)
5PM:  ABR Open MS vs Team Truth (Middle School Division)

Evans Middle School
10AM:  Presidential Ballers JV vs Georgia-Lina Heat (JV Division)
11AM:  Augusta Metros JV vs GA Nets JV (JV Division)
Noon:  Presidential Ballers R7 vs Team Premiere (Middle School Division)
1PM:  Carolina Chaos vs Presidential Ballers JV (JV Division)
2PM:  GA Celtics vs Presidential Ballers R8 (Middle School Division)


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