Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall League Spotlight: Impressive Sophomores

The coach of The Fall League's Warriors, John Gordon, recently told me he is planning to put together a strong 10th grade AAU team.  After seeing the Warriors and the Lakers compete Saturday, I know three players he should add to his roster:  Kham Gordon and San Antonio Brinson of the Warriors and Ricquail Smoot of the Lakers.  I type that with a smile because John is quite familiar with the first two named, his son Kham and his Fall League player San Antonio.  But the highlights above show why these sophomores have bright futures.

Gordon is a gym rat who shoots and handles the ball well.  He is also very tough and plays his best in the most competitive games.  Brinson, a very young sophomore, is long and athletic.  But I think the most surprising thing in the highlights from this game is how comfortable he appears shooting from deep both off the dribble and off the catch.  And Smoot is big and skilled.  What coach wouldn't want that combination of attributes at that age?

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