Thursday, August 22, 2013

Player Spotlight: Kyle Brown, GAIS Eagles

Senior Kyle Brown joined our GAIS Eagles squad one year ago.  It was instantly obvious that Kyle was good enough to help us in a big way.  He had a good first season, worked extremely hard, and improved in all areas throughout the season.  For various reasons, possibly including bad decisions by his coach (me!), Kyle didn't play as much during the postseason as he probably should have.  But through this experience, he revealed something about himself.

Rather than whining, sulking, or giving up, Kyle continued to work hard and compete.  Beginning in our off season play, he became our leader.  And he has been a great one.  I am looking forward to coaching him for his final high school season.  He has already made me very proud.  Catch Kyle and his GAIS teammates at The Fall League Saturday, August 24, at Grovetown High School.  The Eagles will play at 9AM and 10AM.  And watch Kyle in the highlights above.

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