Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Fall League: Serving our Community

A recent "GAIS Mini Camp" hosted by AMYF
This article will explain how we view our activities in conducting The Fall League and how these activities are a part of our overall goal to serve our community.  The Augusta Metro Youth Foundation (AMYF) is the primary sponsor for our activities, including the following:

1) The GAIS Eagles homeschool basketball program
2) The Learning Center in Appling
4) Our community service and outreach efforts

AMYF's Will Avery hosted last year's "Hoops 4 Hunger"
Former ASU Standouts Keenan Mann and
 Adam Miller at a Free Fall League Skill Session
The fourth item is where The Fall League best fits.  As the organizers of the GAIS basketball program and generally speaking as "basketball people," we wish to be good members of the area hoops community.  By sponsoring the league, and helping to mobilize the 50 plus volunteers who make it happen every Saturday, we are attempting to do our part to make the weekends in the Fall more enjoyable for over 500 local basketball players of all ages.  When games are on time, competitive, and exciting, it makes us happy and makes us believe we are making a positive impact.

We thank the volunteers and staff from the GAIS basketball program and the men and women from the community who referee, run the clock, keep the book, run the skill sessions, and work the admission and concession areas so we can offer a league free of charge to the area's basketball players and teams.  

And I encourage the coaches, parents, players, fans, and supporters of participating teams to join the fun by working at the Fall League on a volunteer basis.  It is fun and rewarding to serve.  We want to involve our entire basketball community in making these activities as exciting as possible.  We don't necessarily need your $5 entry fee to run the league.  And we don't necessarily need your volunteer work to keep it going.  But each act makes the entire experience better for everyone.  And if people didn't jump at the chance to lend a hand, I would doubt that what we are doing is worth the effort.  But the enthusiasm and efforts of our wonderful community members who volunteer and contribute is proof that what we do is worth it!

My contact information is on the right side of this screen.  Call me to find out how you can help.  Or email.  Or comment below.  Or tweet us at @AugBball.  Or post on our Facebook page (  We are eager to include you!  We will see you in the gym.

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