Friday, October 25, 2013

GRU Jaguar Madness - Dip Baby Dip!

Metress, A.J. Bowman
and Keenan Mann
"They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" is a quote coaches use to stress the importance of passion and hard work in effective leadership.  I have always pictured a coach sweating it out on the court with his players when thinking about this idea.  But Dip Metress's performance at Thursday's "GRU Jaguar Madness" is a better application of this message.

Many of my fellow former Jaguar players and I know what it is like to play in front of a small crowd.  Dip has long since changed that for the current GRU crew.  Winning consistently has certainly helped.  But Dip has also engaged the community with his passion for his team, his school, and his sport.  I know with certainty that it does not come naturally for Metress to "Dip baby Dip" while doing the "tootsie roll" (see video below).  But his dance ignited a fun evening at Christenberry Fieldhouse Thursday.  Jaguar students and supporters followed suit by cheering (and buzzing about Metress's dance!) during the various shooting competitions before Augusta native Harold Doby captured the dunk contest crown.  Doby jumped over his young daughter and threw down a two handed monster dunk.

But second only to Metress's dance was former two time NCAA All American and Jaguar legend A.J. Bowman's late entry into the dunk contest.  Dressed in jeans, Bowman decided to grant the crowd its wish and throw one down after serving as one of the "celebrity judges."  Bowman stole the show by throwing down a one handed windmill dunk off of one bounce and no warm up!

Passionate Jaguar Fans!
The number of Jaguar players with their jersey retired can be counted on one hand.  And Bowman was not the only one in attendance Thursday.  Keenan Mann, who will join me in following the Jags and the greater Augusta basketball community throughout the next several months, was also in attendance Thursday.  Coach Metress's passion and leadership creates good teams.  But it also creates excitement.  Thursday's event proves there is plenty of built up excitement for the inaugural GRU basketball season.  Keenan and I, along with the rest of the Augusta basketball community, will surely enjoy the ride!

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