Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Will Grovetown and Greenbrier Join Evans?

Grovetown's Logan Morris
ABR Live Battle of the Regions Schedule
(@ Greenbrier High School)
Evans sprinted through its 9 sub region games undefeated last season.  And the Knights also logged impressive home victories against Aquinas and North Augusta. On the other hand, sub-region peers Grovetown and Greenbrier were on the receiving ends of seven combined losses to the Knights.  And the Warriors and the Wolfpack had relatively few signature wins outside of region play.

It is no secret that Columbia County's teams have historically been inferior to Richmond and even Aiken County teams.  Evans has usually proven to be the exception to this "rule."  But after one week of regular season play, Greenbrier and Grovetown are showing signs of joining their sub region peer in the area's competitive landscape.

The three schools have a combined 3-1 record against Richmond County teams after Evans and Grovetown each beat Richmond Academy and Greenbrier topped Josey.  (Josey then chipped in on behalf of Richmond County with a 4 point victory over Grovetown in the ABR Live Tip-Off Tournament Saturday).

I expected Grovetown to make considerable progress this season.  Juniors Solomon Gause, Logan Morris, and Kenny Joseph can all score and play.  And they played played through last season's ups and downs as young players in leadership roles. Evans and Greenbrier also return far more of their key contributors than they lose from last year's teams.

One week does not make a trend.  But with opportunities ahead (this weekend Grovetown faces Richmond and North Augusta and Evans plays Josey and Cross Creek), these teams can continue to build the case for Columbia County's place in the area wide conversation.  And I particularly look forward to seeing the action when the Columbia County based sub-region 2A-AAAAA teams (Greenbrier, Lakeside, Evans) take on sub-region 3B-AAAA teams Burke County, Hephzibah, and Richmond Academy December 13-14 at Greenbrier in the "ABR Live Battle of the Regions."

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