Saturday, April 14, 2012

ABR Spring League: Week One Review... and Week Two Preview

The first week of play in the 2012 ABR Spring has featured exciting games, exceptional individual performances, and a generally fun atmosphere. After the league's first three games, all played Monday and Tuesday, and all decided by one point, the week ended with a bang as the Thunder became the first team to post a 2-0 record, and the Knicks won their initial game to become the second undefeated team early in the league's seven week campaign.  [Enjoy the highlights (below) from Thursday night's action.]

The Thunder finished a strong opening week Thursday by defeating the Spurs 66-59 in the night's finale. Frank Booker led the way for the league's number one team, scoring 16 points, most coming from behind the arc and off the move. The Thunder, whose first win of the young season came against the Grizzlies, has  proven to be the league's most complete team as 6'10" center Isaiah Manderson's inside presence complements Booker's perimeter skills nicely.  (Watch these highlights from the Thunder's opening victory over the Grizzlies)
ABR Spring League Action "tipped off" Monday, April 9.

The Spurs, who dropped to 0-2 after losing close games to two of the league's top teams, were led by Matt Miller, who tallied 26 points. Miller has been impressive all week. The lefty is averaging 29.5ppg after scoring 33 and 26 in the Spurs' first two games. Miller is not the alone impressive Spurs guard. Teammate Kyle Brown scored 15 points including 5 in the final minute to nearly secure a season opening victory, Tuesday against the Heat. And Brown followed that performance with 12 timely points Thursday.  (Watch the highlights from the Spurs' opening game loss to the Heat)

The Knicks won their first game in impressive fashion against a team playing in the place of the Heat, who forfeited. The Knicks were paced by Aubrey Mcrae's 16 points in their opening victory. The team they defeated, comprised of players who are on the league's waiting list of players seeking to join new or existing teams, competed admirably. Traire Moore scored 22 points during 3 quarters of play, and Cory Davis and Rashaud Lee also contributed in the losing effort. All three win join teams next week.

The Grizzlies opened Thursday's games with a win over the Celtics. The Grizzlies, who improved to 1-1, have been led all week by the impressive play of guards Damion Foreman and Vonte Brown and forward Jacob Buchanan. The loss drops the Celtics' record to 1-1 after a win earlier in the week over the Suns. Celtics' guard Marquis Leverett has logged two impressive performances, showing the ability to score from deep and in the paint. Leverett led the Celtics Thursday with 17 points in the loss. (See Leverett in action in these highlights from the Celtics' Monday win over the Suns.)

                         Standings after Week 1

Week 2 Schedule

Monday (Patriots Park)
5PM - Grizzlies vs Spurs
7PM - Thunder vs Celtics

Tuesday (Aquinas)
6PM - Suns vs Sixers
7PM - Spurs vs Celtics

Wednesday (Aquinas)
6PM - Thunder vs Suns

Thursday (Patriots Park)
6PM - Knicks vs Grizzlies
7PM - Bulls vs Heat

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