Saturday, November 24, 2012

Josey's Guard Play Makes the Difference

During Friday's game, we were not surprised to see Josey guard Darius Williams (26 pts) control the action.  Williams scored from everywhere and was seemingly impossible to guard, scoring 26 points on 10 for 18 shooting.  But we were pleasantly surprised to see the Eagles also have another scorer in the backcourt, senior Michael Brown (13 pts).  Brown has been especially impressive today (scoring 18 points), nailing the deep shot and scoring going to the basket.  And he seems to be getting more comfortable each quarter, as he recently made a very impressive hesitation move off the dribble and scored after being fouled using a soft floater.

Grovetown has been no pushover.  Sophomore Logan Morris kept the Warriors within striking distance throughout the first half, scoring 9 of the Warriors' first 16 points, including a three pointer late in the second quarter to reduce the Josey lead to 24-16.  And druing the second half, Grovetwon's Khallid Wright joined Morris with a couple key baskets to stay within range.

But Josey's depth and skilled back court play was too much for the Warriors to overcome, and the Eagles prevailed 53-30 to start the season 2-0.  Watch the post game "on location" episode of ABR TV to see highlights of Brown (18 pts), Williams (13 pts), and Morris (9 pts).