Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ABR TV Preview: A Team I Think I "Know"

Tomorrow afternoon we will release the latest installment of ABR TV.  In this special episode, we will take a look back at our pre-season area Top 10 picks*.  It may be said that we are brave for displaying the picks that were way off base.  I have certainly admitted completely missing the mark in placing Glenn Hills in the #8 position, among other questionable calls.

After several weeks and constant coverage, I know more about all the local teams.  But I believe there are only a handful of teams that have established a true "identity."  These are not necessarily the best, but the ones that I think I know best.  Included in this list are Glenn Hills and Evans, each featured in Tuesday's post game show after big wins versus Athens Christian and North Augusta, respectively.

I believe Laney (featured above) is another team that has established itself as a tough, defensive minded team that can score points with the help of sharp shooters Jashawn Brooks and Quinton Hall and long, athletic sophomore inside players like Jaylen Taylor and Javonn Walker.  The more time that passes, the more the Wildcats' two losses, to Laney and Butler, appear to be very "respectable."  Glenn Hills has run through all comers and the Butler loss came in the second game these young Wildcats had ever played together.  And how often do teams have one player score 21 fourth quarter points to break the game open, which is what Butler's guard Dontae Coleman did during that contest?

Last weekend's back-to-back wins versus Savannah and Beach confirmed for me that this talented group will continue to improve the more it is exposed to its fine coaching staff's teaching.  I may have missed my share of picks in the pre-season, but I feel good about my placement of Laney in the area's top 3 (on right).  But this is of course my opinion only.  I look forward to being challenged by partners Will Avery and Ashley Brown tomorrow.

*As of right now, we have yet to fully decide each team's place, so feel free to comment here, on our Twitter timeline (@AugBball) and on our Facebook page with your opinions.  And be sure to tune in to tomorrow afternoon at 8 P.M. to see the new "Area Top 10," to hear our analysis, and to see highlights of the teams and players being discussed.

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