Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Former Patriots Harris and Avery Discuss Westside's Win (from Post Game Show)

I can't think of two people I'd rather talk to about Westside basketball than former Patriots Will Avery and Buck Harris.  And in addition to being familiar with the school, the duo has more basketball knowledgeable than any two others that come to mind.

Harris shares great insight about Westside's third consecutive road victory over Lakeside Tuesday when he stresses that senior sharp shooter Frank Booker, despite suffering a poor shooting night, did the "little things" necessary to help his team get the win.  I made a similar point in a prior post about Booker's performance in Saturday's road win at Thomson.

Most players who score a lot of points do so because they are good shooters.  And good shooters inevitably have bad shooting nights.  The ability to find ways to help the team win regardless of whether the shots are falling separates good scorers and shooters from winners.  Harris identified Booker as a winner by stressing his willingness to rebound, dive for loose balls, and generally provide strong leadership.  I agree with my old coach, Buck.

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