Monday, February 11, 2013

Augusta Basketball Reporter's Edition 2-11-13

Tonight is the third episode of our ABRLive Reporters Edition show. We discuss our picks for ABR Reporter's All-Area First team, Second team and Honorable Mention team. Let us know if you agree, disagree, or have someone different in mind. Twitter: @AugBball
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  1. You could argue any selections as they are all very close as players. However not to even mention Marquis Leverett? I'd say he's a 1st/2nd team selection as Butler's an average team without him.

  2. Hard to argue about Marquis. But in fairness to our "reporters," a tough question would be "who do you remove?" Either way, they are doing best to share what they have observed. Will and I may be doing an "answer show." Marquis will probably be on our list if we do.