Monday, February 25, 2013

Baseball Is Here!!! Harlem vs Grovetown


"It was all I lived for, to play baseball."--Mickey Mantle

I know there are some players in this area who think the same way Mickey Mantle once did. And I know there is some fans/players out there who have been calling for us to cover baseball....well it is finally here! After having a few games rained out last Friday that we were going to cover, we will now be covering the Harlem vs Grovetown game Wednesday night.

Being a former baseball player myself, I am excited to cover a baseball game. It will take some getting used to though, as it is much different than baseball. So bear with us if the coverage is not up to par at the start. And as far as the Harlem vs Grovetown game goes, I am excited to get a first look at each team. I know next to nothing about each team, so it will be a good time to learn on Wednesday afternoon.

As far as previewing the game goes, I will give you what I have. Last season each team was in Region 3B-AAA, but according to Harlem now resides in Region 3-AA and Grovetown is in Region 2A-AAAAA. So, the game does not mean as much as it would have last year, since it is no longer a Region matchup. Harlem finished last season with a strong record of 20-9, while Grovetown was 13-11. The two teams split the season series last year, each claiming one victory.

So, Harlem entered this year with a little more momentum than Grovetown; at least based off of their seasons last year. But, the two teams met last Wednesday and Grovetown earned an 8-5 victory in 8 innings. With that said, even though this is no longer a Region game I am sure Harlem will be seeking revenge, as they have faired pretty well against Grovetown the last few years. I can't imagine they enjoyed losing to them last Wednesday.

We will see you on the diamond Wednesday to find out if Harlem can in fact get revenge!!!
(And please comment with any information you have about either team: season predictions, players, etc; we do not have much info as of now)

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