Monday, February 25, 2013

The Final Four: Putting Augusta On the Map

"I think this can be a championship team. But we do have to take it one game at a time. You can't look at the end of the road before you get the next foot in." - Michael Strahan

One knows that every season must come to an end. The truth of the matter is every team exits in a losing fashion: it is a consequence of playing sports. We all have faced the defeat that everyone dreads, but its a choice every athlete would risk to play the game they love. For example:

The Greater Augusta Area was filled with tremendous talent this season: Jasmine Stone and the Lady Knights, Cross Creek girls, Jacob Buchanan and Evans, T.J. Sheppard and the Jacket Force from North Augusta, Westside and Frank Booker. Not to discredit any of these teams or others not mentioned but even these teams, who had remarkable seasons, found themselves eventually exiting the playoffs. They have helped make Augusta a basketball city this year. While they have completed there season, there are still a few resiliant squads that have not stepped off the court yet.

In downtown Augusta there is talk about can they do again? Can they both bring home the title from Macon, Georgia on March 7-8th? One school is definitely making there case in more than one way.

Lucy C. Laney High School is on hot pursuit towards there goals as they look to take not one, but two teams into the Final Four with victories this Tuesday and Wednesday night.

The Lady Wildcats host a #2 seed Pelham High School. The Hornets are boasting a 24-4 record as they travel to Laney High School (28-0) Tuesday night at 7.

The Lady Wildcats are not the only team making a run for Macon, Georgia. The boys from Lucy C. Laney High School (19-8) have had an impressive year as they look to extend there run in the playoffs as they host a #4 seed Macon County High School (18-12) Wednesday night at 7.

Along with both squads from Laney High School; Aquinas and Washington County are making there names known across the CSRA and the state of Georgia this baskeball season. These four teams are representing not only there schools but as well as the entire Augusta area
The questions remain: Who will last another day? Who will be the last standing? Will another trophy be brought to Augusta, Georgia? Can Laney boys do it back-to-back? Will Laney girls remain undefeated?

As many questions arise, we are certain of one thing: that less than two weeks all of our questions will be answered. Until then we must take it one game at a time and accomplish the goals of today rather than tomorrow.

Who will be the last team standing? Leave us your comments below!

Good Luck to All!



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