Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Step Will You Take?

"You can’t always be the strongest or most talented or most gifted person in the room, but you can be the most competitive. Competition allows you to influence your opponent." -- Pat Summitt

We have approached that time again. A hallway with many doors, a past that cannot be changed, and a future that is uncertain. With an unchangable past and a future with many doors, this provides limitless opportunity for you and how you will take your next steps. The question that lies in the hands of all is whether or not you will step backwards, remain stagnant, or prevail forward.

What step will you take?

As the end of the regular season has come to an end, this is the question I challenge every player, coach, and reader. The question is valid for everyone and should be continually addressed in all cicrumstances:

Whether you are undefeated, duking it out in play-in games or region tournament games, home for the playoffs, a senior, a freshman, a coach, or even a basketball reporter as myself, we all have a crucial decision to make. Do I let the game's difficulties hold me back or do I choose to step up and be on mission to compete and improve everyday? None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow but what is for certain is how you will approach that hour if given another opportunity.

Be a man or woman of competition. Compete until you can compete no more and when the thought of giving in lingers, compete some more until the very end of ends.

Don't let the thought of defeat hold you back or that of victory fill your head. Hit the court, or life, with the mindset that there is no offseason.

The choice is yours. You can sit back and dwell in past defeats and victories or you can be determined to compete no matter the size of the fight or battle.

What Will You Do?



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