Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Calling all Girls

Through two successful weeks of Skill Sessions and Fall League basketball I notice one thing that could be better. There has been a small number of girls participating in the Skill Sessions and girl teams taking part in the league.

Having two daughters of my own, I would really like to see more girls interested in basketball for many reasons. Through sports you can learn important life lessons such as team work, leadership, and confidence. According to girls that are active in sports during adolescence and young adulthood years have a 20% less chance of getting breast cancer. Most of all basketball is a beautiful game. When I watch girls play I don't see the above the rim highlights that make Sports Center, but what I do see is girls moving the ball and playing together as a unit, and it is a thing of beauty. Come out and be a part of what we are doing, and don't let this great opportunity slip through your finger tips. See you in the gym!


  1. So skills sessions are Tuesday/Thursday or are they cancelled right now?

  2. They are cancelled. Sorry. Just bit off more than we could chew with that. You know we will regroup and find ways to attempt to fill the need that Will has identified. But the Skill Sessions are on hold for now while we try to figure out how to do it effectively.

  3. Would love to have my daughter participate, please let me know when you will start back with skill sessions. If you need volunteers I can help as well.

    Jerome Washington