Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Newest Eagles

Weeks have passed since the first edition of "This Week in Eagles Hoops."  During the first episode, coach Will Avery and I took Eagles supporters on a video tour of Eagles varsity, junior varsity, and middle school boys and girls basketball action from week two of Fall League play.  We paid special attention to the players who at that time were the newest additions to the varsity boys team.
Since that episode, two new players have joined the Eagles.  Daquarius Johnson and Jaylan Robinson, junior transfers from Strom Thurmond High School, definitely deserve a special introduction to Eagles watchers.  These guys have made an immediate impact in every way.  In their first three games of Fall League play, they have led the “Eagles 1” team to convincing victories over the Pacers and the Thunder, teams consisting mostly of Grovetown and Westside players, respectively.  And behind their leadership this past Saturday, the team competed admirably against the league’s most dominant team: ABR Open SC (featured here).
As I explained in this Aiken Standard article, which describes the circumstances of Johnson and Robinson’s transfer, these guys are not just good basketball players.  They are good people who treat others well and take their academic responsibilities seriously.  Their presence has already positively changed the makeup of the Eagles basketball team and the character of the entire program.  Enjoy the video above, which shows the newest Eagles in action.

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