Saturday, December 21, 2013

Augusta Metros Middle School Christmas Tournament Schedule Dec. 21

Saturday Dec. 21 @ Evans Middle

  9am: Langford vs Riverside (Girls)

10am: Columbia vs Riverside (Boys)

11am: Hephzibah vs Riverside (Girls)

12pm: Immaculate Conception vs GAIS 2 (Boys)

  1pm: Hephzibah vs Collins (Boys)

  2pm: North Augusta vs Evans (Boys)

Saturday Dec. 21 @ Aquinas High

11am: Pine Hill vs Glenn Hills (Girls)

12pm: Langford vs EDS (B) (Girls)

  1pm: Glenn Hills vs Sego (Girls)

  2pm: Riverside/Columbia winner vs GAIS 1 (Boys) Gold semi-finals

  3pm: Langford vs Glenn Hills (Boys) Gold semi-finals

  4pm: Gwinnett Barons vs EDS (Boys) (Silver Championship)

  5pm: TBD Girls Championship (Gold)

  6pm: TBD Boys Championship (Gold)

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  1. We really enjoyed the tournament Will. Good planning, work, and competition. Really good turnout. All the kids I know really had a great time. Thanks for ABR and your commitment to the future.