Sunday, December 9, 2012

Aquinas's Hill Backs Up Statement

I really like Aquinas's 6'5" junior guard, Ahmed Hill.  I obviously think he is a phenomenal player.  Many do.  Last I checked he was regarded by ESPN as one of the top 25 juniors in the country.  But I also like Hill as a person.  He is a friendly, polite, and modest young man who treats people well and works very hard on the court and in the classroom (I've been told his GPA has risen almost a full point in the last 12 months).  Hill doesn't try to bring attention to himself or belittle others.

So when a mutual friend told me that Ahmed wanted us to know that he planned to have an especially big game Friday evening, I took notice.  People of few words usually mean what they say when they do speak up.  And Ahmed definitely meant what he said!  The area's top talent scored 41 points, including 28 of Aquinas's 34 first half points, and grabbed 17 rebounds in a 70-65 win on the road against Richmond Academy.  I won't attempt to describe all of the ways Hill scored Friday.  I'll leave that job to the video above.

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