Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thoughts from Tuesday: Guards Right Across the Border

ABR Live contributors Will Avery and Carey Rich are planning to debate soon about which area has better guard play:  the greater Augusta area, or South Carolina.  Avery will argue on behalf of ABR's original home, and Rich will speak on behalf of the Palmetto state.

I have some advice for my good friend Will:  he should stress the meaning of "greater Augusta" and claim North Augusta and Aiken as "his territory!"  If he does, his "portfolio" of solid guards will instantly become stronger.  North Augusta's TJ Sheppard, Aiken's Shawn Moore, and South Aiken's Jordan Dingle (all featured below), have all been great so far this season.  All are scoring tons of points.  And all have very well rounded games.  Check them out!

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