Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transitioning From Player to Coach

From the time I was six years old, all I wanted to do was play in the NBA. Like most kids who play basketball today, it was my dream to play against the best players in the world and make a living doing it. Through hard work and dedication I got to live my dream. I was drafted in the NBA in 1999 at the young age of nineteen years old. After spending three years playing with the Minnesota Timberwolves and not receiving a contract extension I thought that my career was over. But little did I know it was just beginning.

Over the next decade I would spend time playing the game I love all over the world. I was fortunate to enjoy both team and individual success during my career, having been a part of some of the most intense rivalries that one could ever imagine. We all know how intense the Duke/UNC rivalry is. Just imagine a rivalry so intense that the visiting team's fans are not allowed to be in attendance. Those were some of my greatest memories as a player. Professional basketball was great, but we all know you can't play basketball forever.

I am currently coaching the Middle School boys basketball team at GAIS. This has truly been a unique experience. I get the opportunity to spend time off the court with my players on a daily basis at the learning center. This is where some of the students in the GAIS program get extra help with their school work. My players would tell you that I coach them there as well, as I push them to do their best with their academics. This has been an easy transition for me because I am a part of a great program. It has been a joy to be around these kids. Instead of getting the satisfaction out of making step back jump shots, I get excited when Trenton Bowdre knocks down a pull up jumper going to his right. But I'm most proud when Xavier Harrison figures out how to solve an expression.

Building A Community

Hello Augusta Basketball Report fans and GAIS supporters.  For those of you whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Ben Hancock and I have been working with ABR and all things Augusta Metro Youth Foundation (AMYF), which includes the GAIS Eagles, for the past year.  You may have noticed me filming games, working the door at tournaments, or hauling kids to and from practices.  I have most recently been given the privilege of mentoring some of the kids in our program in regards to their schooling.  I am pretty much always in the background of everything we do, making sure that the "product" of AMYF is something that will inspire the youth and parents that participate in our programs.

It has been in these moments of "behind the scenes" if you will, that I have been amazed to find those acts of selflessness that are all too few in the world around us.  You will have to forgive me for saying that I am amazed if you are one of those fortunate enough to have been involved in this program for some time now and have come to expect the level of participation that is present.  You see, I was blessed to be a product of a strong family structure that looked out for one another but my limited time in the secular work force and society in general has made me skeptical of my fellow man's ability to "Do Good" in and of themselves.  I have been part of churches, charity groups, and the like, in which all of them left me disappointed in some way.  There has always been an air of "what's in it for me?"  That was, until I became involved with AMYF and its incredible family.

I was not sure what to call what I was seeing and was privileged to be a part of.  I even remember conversations early on with Chad about the unlikelihood of being able to accomplish the things we set out to do without a major influx of cash paid to outsiders to help us achieve these goals.  I'll never forget what he said.  "You don't know our parents". "Parents", referring to the major backbone of the AMYF organization and the GAIS Eagles program.  I have witnessed first hand these parents, along with many other volunteers who have no connection to the program other than they just want to "Do Good", work tirelessly. Sometimes working 14 hours straight to make sure whatever event we were conducting went as smoothly as possible.  I have learned the word I was looking for that best describes this outflow of selflessness is most aptly expressed as "Community."

This community that I have become a part of is determined not to become stagnant, but to grow and build itself into a stronger, more cohesive unit with every passing day.  My challenge to you as well as myself is to see how we can help make this thing even better each day.  It starts with a desire to "Do Good" and through our actions becomes just that.  We have an opportunity to leave things better than they were before. Are you with me?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This Week in Eagles Hoops

The video above is our first edition of "This Week in Eagles Hoops," featuring Will Avery and myself.  And this post is all about Eagles hoops.  Avery, a former first round NBA draft pick and Duke University star has joined me as a GAIS basketball coach.

I periodically write letters explaining the GAIS Eagles basketball program to current and prospective players and parents.  The program serves "home schooled" students, including boys and girls of all ages.  This initiative is one of four that our primary sponsor, the Augusta Metro Youth Foundation (AMYF), supports and runs along with many great people in our community.  These are the four initiatives:

1) The GAIS Eagles (the subject of this post) 
2) The Learning Center in Appling
4) Our community service and outreach efforts (see related post)

It is time for me to write another letter to the GAIS parents who are interested in our Eagles basketball program.  Readers of this site can become more informed about the Eagles if I publish the letter here.  Click below to read the letter...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coleman Measures Up Nicely

I originally began posting stories and highlights on this blog to spread the word about my GAIS Eagles basketball program.  Two summers ago I began writing and making videos about players and teams throughout the area.  After reporting about AAU teams coached by some friends of mine, the brother of one of the players from one of those teams asked me to make a highlight film.  The featured player was then 8th grader Dontae Coleman.  

At that time, I remarked that Don was a competitive guard who fearlessly attacked the basket and finished well with both hands.  Today he remains fearless and ultra competitive.  And he has really developed a solid set of skills.  And after an electric sophomore campaign (Coleman scored 49 points in a close loss to Statesboro in last season's region championship game), Coleman seems prepared to step firmly into a leadership role at Butler High School.

But high school basketball season is months away.  The Fall League is currently where Coleman is sporting his competitive streak.  Last week he sent me a private message after seeing his Lakers squad matched up against Ahmed Hill's Warriors.  Don was looking forward to battling the area's best player.

It has been fun to watch this nice young man grow.  In addition to becoming a very good player - indeed one of our area's best - he has remained modest yet confident.  Rather than appearing arrogant by publicly declaring his eagerness to face Hill on the court, he shared it in private and in good faith.  I'm sure Don will forgive me for sharing this.  And I assume Hill won’t mind either.  If he doesn’t already know guys will be at their best against him, he will know soon.  And I’m sure he would want things no other way.

According to Will Avery’s feature on the standout players at Evans High, Coleman did not disappoint Saturday, scoring 17 points and involving his teammates.  He has long been a proven scorer.  And he is maturing fast, making teammates better, and playing with poise.  Watch Coleman do battle with the guy everyone measures himself against, Aquinas star Ahmed Hill, in the highlights above.  And see the highlights from the entire game below. Led by Hill's 22 points, the Warriors defeated the Lakers to move to 4-0 in league play. The Lakers now stand 2-2.

Fall League Highlights (Week 2):  Warriors vs Lakers

The Fall League: GAIS JV Defeats the Bucks in Double OT

Fall League Highlights (Week 2):  GAIS JV vs Bucks

Most of the players on the Fall League's Bucks' roster have participated in a significant portion of our leagues and tournaments over the past twelve months.  I have watched this group improve rapidly over this time period.  The guys play together and play hard.  And they are young and full of potential.  Calling the Bucks' week 2 opponent a "JV" team is a bit of a stretch.  Four of GAIS's starters contributed greatly in GAIS's varsity division games that same day.  So I knew my Eagles would be in for a battle in the finale at Evans High School.

The Bucks controlled the game throughout until a late flurry by the GAIS JV team eventually forced two overtime sessions.  But the Eagles benefited from aggressive defense and solid decision making on the fast break, which led to easy baskets and a late game comeback before prevailing in double overtime.  See the highlights above.

Fall League Spotlight: Impressive Sophomores

The coach of The Fall League's Warriors, John Gordon, recently told me he is planning to put together a strong 10th grade AAU team.  After seeing the Warriors and the Lakers compete Saturday, I know three players he should add to his roster:  Kham Gordon and San Antonio Brinson of the Warriors and Ricquail Smoot of the Lakers.  I type that with a smile because John is quite familiar with the first two named, his son Kham and his Fall League player San Antonio.  But the highlights above show why these sophomores have bright futures.

Gordon is a gym rat who shoots and handles the ball well.  He is also very tough and plays his best in the most competitive games.  Brinson, a very young sophomore, is long and athletic.  But I think the most surprising thing in the highlights from this game is how comfortable he appears shooting from deep both off the dribble and off the catch.  And Smoot is big and skilled.  What coach wouldn't want that combination of attributes at that age?

Monday, August 26, 2013

ABR Open Teams Take League by Storm

We are happy to include in The Fall League players from all over the area.  The "Augusta" in ABR Live is certainly not meant literally as our friends attending high schools in South Carolina, Thomson, Waynesboro, Sandersville, and other surrounding locations know.  So when several of South Carolina's finest players individually contacted us to play on an "ABR open team," I figured this group would likely form a Fall League powerhouse.  And Saturday's performance by the Mavericks and the Blazers did not disappoint.  And beginning with the September 7 session, several of the top players from these teams will be placed on a special "ABR Open SC" team.  This team will inherit the combined records (5-1) of the current Blazers and Mavericks teams.

There are many deep and talented teams in The Fall League.  But probably none have a roster comparable to the Open SC team.  Malik Dunbar (Jr - North Augusta), Jordan Dingle (Sr - Augusta Christian), Aubrey McRae (Sr - Glenn Hills), Marques Sumner (Jr - Fox Creek), Christian Davis (Sr - North Augusta), Jaylan Robinson* (Strom Thurmond), Chandler Harrison, and Daquarius Johnson (Strom Thurmond) are many of our area's best.  And they have played well as a unit during league play.  They enjoy sharing the ball, playing hard and doing a good job on defense.

A talented group that works well together has spelled trouble for many Fall League opponents.  See for yourself in the highlights provided above!

*I misspelled Jaylan's name in the video above.  I corrected it in the story, though!

Standouts From Week 2 of The Fall League

The second week of the Fall League provided a lot of excitement Saturday afternoon at the Evans High School site. Our featured game of the week between the Clippers and Warriors lived up to the hype, and we ended the day with a double overtime victory by the GAIS JV squad over the Bucks. Although there were many good players on the floor Saturday, these are the players who caught my attention.

Ahmed Hill (Warriors):

Arguably one the best shooting guards in the country according to various recruiting services. This kid dominated both games he took part in. While having a size advantage on smaller defenders he scored in the post with ease and when bigger defenders drew the assignment Hill got to basket at will with his quickness and athleticism. At this point he is a good shooter. To take his game to the next level I would like to see him become more consistent shooter and get to the free-throw line more often.

Tamyrick Fields (Warriors):

EXTREMELY HIGH motor! Fields was very active and productive throughout the day. He gave his team an inside presence that created problems for the opposition. The last time I saw him he was only a low post player. There has been significant improvement to his game. He has extended his range to 15 feet and is a better ball handler. If he can get a go to move in the post and become a better mid-range shooter he has a chance for a big year.

Zep Jasper (Clippers)

Fearless competitor. One of the best shooters at the point guard position in the area. He played well in a tough game against the warriors and was not afraid to take big shots down the stretch. Having been a natural scorer his entire short career, Jasper is learning how to become a point guard. Only a rising Sophomore he has a chance to be really good if he can find the balance between scoring and running the team.

Jayshawn Brooks (Clippers):

The thing that impressed me the most with Brooks Saturday was his leadership. He was vocal and challenged his teammates to play better. Another thing I like is he tries to always play the right way. Even with a great stroke from behind the arc, he seems to always make the extra pass. With the clock winding down the ball fell in his hands at the 3pt line and he drained a 3 to give his team a win in their second game of the day. One of several that he made on Saturday.

Dontae Coleman (Lakers):

I have been watching Don play since he was 12 years old. Every year that I see him there has been improvement to his game. On Saturday he competed and did whatever he had to do to keep his team in it. He made a few crowd pleasing drives that ending with him scoring or finding a teammate for a basket. Having always been a streaky shooter, he had a stretch where he knocked down 3 in a row. The bigger the moment, the better he plays. Consistency and good shot selection will be the key for Coleman's development.

Kameron Mason (Hornets):

There is one word that describes his game and that's scorer. Mason seems to take and make tough shots often. He kept his team in the game against a very scrappy Clippers bunch who beat them at the buzzer.

Patrick Lawrence( Hornets):

He played hard and knocked down 3's to form a great 1-2 punch with Kameron Mason in trying to knock off the Clippers. If Lawrence can add dribble drives to the basket to compliment his 3pt shooting he will be a tough cover. He has the ability and I'm just waiting to see it.

Malik Welch (GAIS JV):

With his team down the entire game, he willed his team to a double overtime victory to end the day. Whether it was coming up with big rebounds on both ends, drives to the basket, or knocking down a big 3pt shot. He did all he could and left it all on the court.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pacers get the best of the "Grovetown Round Robin"

Fall League Video Highlights: Pacers vs GAIS Eagles 2

After an exciting first week in Fall League action, the anticipation for week two's varsity games was notable.  And while the crowd at Evans High was being entertained by many of our area's top players, those at the Grovetown site were also treated to competitive, well played games.  After the Lady Timberwolves started the day with a win over the GAIS Lady Eagles, the next several hours featured a round robin of sorts involving the varsity division's Pacers and Timberwolves, as well as my two GAIS Eagles squads.

The Pacers emerged as the "champ" of this series of games after defeating the Eagles 2 team and the Timberwolves.  The wins improve the Pacers' Fall League record to 2-2.  By tallying a loss against the Pacers and a win over Eagles 1, the Timberwolves move to 2-1.  And the Eagles fall to 0-4.

After trailing 34-16 to a red hot shooting Eagles 2 team at half time of their first game, the Pacers were led to a 60-57 victory by Grovetown High School juniors Solomon Gause (21 points) and Kenny Joseph (20 points).  Gause scored 15 of his points in the second half as the 6’4” wing repeatedly attacked the basket and got to the foul line.  And Joseph added 4 three pointers. Sophomore Mike Green of Eagles 2 led all scorers with 22 points in the loss.

Fall League Video Highlights: Pacers vs Timberwolves

Gause continued his fine play in a win over the Timberwolves two hours later.  And his Grovetown teammate Logan Morris came alive to score 17 points, including five 5 three pointers in the win.  After losing its opening games against the Clippers and Warriors (two of the league’s best), the Pacers appear to be on the right track.

Despite losing to the Pacers, the Timberwolves remain in good position in the win-loss standings after defeating Eagles 1 in the opening varsity game Saturday.  Greenbrier senior Kayshawn Marshall scored 20 points including 15 in the second half.  Marshall hit 3 three pointers after halftime.  Matt Kelly led Eagles 1 with 16 points.

Fall League Video Highlights: GAIS 1 vs Timberwolves

Ahmed Hill Leads Warriors over Clippers in Fall League Play

Not long after posting this preview for this Saturday's matchup between Aquinas star Ahmed Hill's Warriors and the Fall League's Clippers, we sensed a buzz among area basketball fans about the matchup.  And those in attendance at Evans High School Saturday were not disappointed as the teams battled until overtime in a fast paced, high scoring game.

The highly regarded senior Hill and his future teammate Tamyrick Fields, also a senior, combined for 51 points, including 32 from Hill.  And despite 21 points from Laney sophomore Zep Jasper and 15 from his high school teammate junior Jashawn Brooks, the Warriors improved to 3-0 with a 76-73 victory.  The Clippers logged their first loss in Fall League play, dropping to 2-1.

Both teams played an additional game later in the session.  Stay tuned for highlights and information about the Warriors' matchup with Butler guard Dontae Coleman's Lakers squad and for the scoop on the Clippers' battle with the scrappy Hornets.

The Fall League Skill Sessions with Host Will Avery

In the video below, Will Avery, host of The Fall League's Free skill sessions, provides a close look at Saturday's happenings at Evans High School.  Avery and other current and former professional and collegiate basketball players took a full gym of players through fundamental work before the beginning of league play.

We have much more to share about Saturday's skill session and league play.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Player Spotlight: Kyle Brown, GAIS Eagles

Senior Kyle Brown joined our GAIS Eagles squad one year ago.  It was instantly obvious that Kyle was good enough to help us in a big way.  He had a good first season, worked extremely hard, and improved in all areas throughout the season.  For various reasons, possibly including bad decisions by his coach (me!), Kyle didn't play as much during the postseason as he probably should have.  But through this experience, he revealed something about himself.

Rather than whining, sulking, or giving up, Kyle continued to work hard and compete.  Beginning in our off season play, he became our leader.  And he has been a great one.  I am looking forward to coaching him for his final high school season.  He has already made me very proud.  Catch Kyle and his GAIS teammates at The Fall League Saturday, August 24, at Grovetown High School.  The Eagles will play at 9AM and 10AM.  And watch Kyle in the highlights above.

Don't Underestimate the Clippers

One day I will stop referring to sophomores Zep Jasper, Collin Young, and Christian Keeling, and juniors Jashawn Brooks, Jervon Walker, and Nick Lockhart, and Nick Myers as "young" players making a huge impact on the area basketball scene.  But when that day comes they will have undoubtedly left a huge mark, beginning with last season's final four appearance.  These players have assembled to form the Clippers in The Fall League.  The Clippers opened league play last Saturday with two impressive victories over GAIS and the Pacers.

The Clippers upcoming games against the Warriors (possibly The Fall League's most impressive team thus far) and the Hornets were previewed in a recent ABR post.  The Fall League's closest followers are particularly eager to see this Saturday's 11AM game between the Clippers and the Warriors at Evans High School.  But as impressive as Ahmed Hill and the Warriors have been, underestimating this group of young but athletic and skilled players would be a huge mistake.

The highlights from the Clippers' recent victories in Fall League play are shown in the video above.

We'll see you in the gym!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Fall League: Serving our Community

A recent "GAIS Mini Camp" hosted by AMYF
This article will explain how we view our activities in conducting The Fall League and how these activities are a part of our overall goal to serve our community.  The Augusta Metro Youth Foundation (AMYF) is the primary sponsor for our activities, including the following:

1) The GAIS Eagles homeschool basketball program
2) The Learning Center in Appling
4) Our community service and outreach efforts

AMYF's Will Avery hosted last year's "Hoops 4 Hunger"
Former ASU Standouts Keenan Mann and
 Adam Miller at a Free Fall League Skill Session
The fourth item is where The Fall League best fits.  As the organizers of the GAIS basketball program and generally speaking as "basketball people," we wish to be good members of the area hoops community.  By sponsoring the league, and helping to mobilize the 50 plus volunteers who make it happen every Saturday, we are attempting to do our part to make the weekends in the Fall more enjoyable for over 500 local basketball players of all ages.  When games are on time, competitive, and exciting, it makes us happy and makes us believe we are making a positive impact.

We thank the volunteers and staff from the GAIS basketball program and the men and women from the community who referee, run the clock, keep the book, run the skill sessions, and work the admission and concession areas so we can offer a league free of charge to the area's basketball players and teams.  

And I encourage the coaches, parents, players, fans, and supporters of participating teams to join the fun by working at the Fall League on a volunteer basis.  It is fun and rewarding to serve.  We want to involve our entire basketball community in making these activities as exciting as possible.  We don't necessarily need your $5 entry fee to run the league.  And we don't necessarily need your volunteer work to keep it going.  But each act makes the entire experience better for everyone.  And if people didn't jump at the chance to lend a hand, I would doubt that what we are doing is worth the effort.  But the enthusiasm and efforts of our wonderful community members who volunteer and contribute is proof that what we do is worth it!

My contact information is on the right side of this screen.  Call me to find out how you can help.  Or email.  Or comment below.  Or tweet us at @AugBball.  Or post on our Facebook page (  We are eager to include you!  We will see you in the gym.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fall League Preview: Week One Standouts Meet in Week Two

***See the schedule for Saturday, August 24, at the bottom of this page***

The first week of Fall League play featured impressive play by many of the area's top high school basketball players.  Aquinas standout Ahmed Hill, Georgia's best player according to, dazzled the crowd at Grovetown High and led his Warriors squad to two impressive victories.  Not to be outdone, the young, athletic, and deep Clippers sprinted out to a 2-0 start to league play behind the leadership of Laney underclassmen Zep Jasper, Collin Young, Jashawn Brooks and others.  And after much attention was given to the talented Blazers squad in advance of its opening game versus the Hornets, Evans senior Patrick Lawrence and his scrappy and unselfish teammates silenced the hype with a win against the Blazers to enter week two undefeated.

But one thing is certain.  Not all of these teams will escape week two unscathed.  The Clippers and the Warriors will square off in a much anticipated game at 11AM at Evans High.  The size, athleticism, and maturity of the Warriors have thus far made them seem very difficult to stop.  In addition to the 6'4" guard Hill, the Warriors have a huge front line anchored by 6'6" senior Tamyrick Fields.  Fields has transferred from Hephzibah to Aquinas, and he looks poised to finish his high school career well.  During week one, he dominated on the glass, finished in transition, and even made several jump shots.

But the Clippers sport a deep and dynamic backcourt.  Laney sophomores Zep Jasper and Collin Young were impressive during week one.  Young scored from deep and attacked the basket effectively.  Jasper is always under control and finds opportunities for himself and others, like sharpshooter Jashawn Brooks and the athletic forward Jervon Walker.  And if the Clippers are able to get past the Warriors, the Hornets, led by Lawrence and fellow Evans guard Kameron Mason, will look to play spoiler again in the 3PM showdown at Evans High.

The Warriors will also face a tough test in the Lakers, an athletic and scrappy team with great chemistry.  Will the Warriors continue to roll over Fall League opponents?  Will the Clippers take command of the top of the standings?  Will the Hornets continue to spoil the plans of its talented opponents?  Let us know what you think in the comment section.  And come see for yourself at Evans High school this Saturday.

We'll see you in the gym!
Fall League Schedule - Saturday, August 24

Fall League Skill Sessions with Will Avery

The 2013 version of The Fall League may appear totally different than last year's.  After all, the number of teams participating (nearly 50 this during year's first Saturday compared to 5 last Fall), the range of age groups involved, and the number of gyms being used give the league a completely different look.  But one thing that hasn't changed is the presence of the Free Skill Sessions conducted by former NBA lottery pick Will Avery and a host of current and former professional and college players from the area.

Avery, who also starred at Duke and led the Blue Devils to the championship game of the 1999 NCAA Final Four, was joined Saturday by fellow NBA alum Garret Siler.  Siler still plays professionally after playing recently for the Phoenix Suns and Augusta State University.  Other instructors include former ASU standouts Adam Miller and Keith Harrison, as well as volunteers and parents from the GAIS Eagles basketball program.

The group of highly capable volunteers led over 40 high school and middle school aged boys and girls through individual skill training for 90 minutes.  The training emphasized offensive skills like shooting, ball handling, passing, and scoring.  The next session is Saturday, August 24, at 8AM at Evans High School.  Fall League play (see preview here) will begin immediately after the skill session at 10AM and last throughout the day.  League games will also be played at Grovetown High School and Evans Middle School.

The benefit to young players of consistently attending workouts conducted by Avery are obvious.  He is very effective at giving young players clear and useful guidance.  In the video above, Greenbrier High School senior Kayshawn Marshall does a fine job of explaining the specific skill that he most enjoyed practicing at this year's first session.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fall League Schedule - Week 1

The Fall League begins Saturday, August 17.  All teams have entered free of charge.  We are hosting 34 games in four gyms.  And Will Avery is hosting a free 90 minute skill development session.  This Saturday's schedule is reflected below.  The schedule for August 24 will be published Monday, August 19.

Fall League Schedule:  August 19

Special FREE Skill Development Session, presented by Will Avery:
8AM - 9:30AM @ Evans Middle School

Grovetown High School
9AM:  Carolina Chaos vs GA Nets (JV Division)
10AM:  Timberwolves vs Grizzlies (Varsity Division)
11AM:  Clippers vs Pacers (Varsity Division)
Noon:  Spurs vs Warriors (Varsity Division)
1PM:  Tar Heels vs Panthers (JV Division)
2PM:  Clippers vs Spurs (Varsity Division)
3PM:  Pacers vs Warriors (Varsity Division)
4PM:  Panthers vs Augusta Metros Varsity (Varsity Division)
5PM:  Illinois vs Augusta Metros (Ladies Division)
6PM:  Bucks vs Sonic (Varsity Division)
7PM:  Nuggets vs ABR Open JV (JV Division)

Evans High School
8AM:  GA Nets vs Presidential Ballers R7 (Middle School Division)
9AM:  GA Celtics vs Team Premiere (Middle School Division)
10AM:  GA Nets vs Presidential Ballers R8 (Middle School Division)
11AM:  Hornets vs Blazers (Varsity Division)
Noon:  TBD
1PM:  Lakers vs Mavericks (Varsity Division)
2PM:  Pistons vs Rockets (Varsity Division)
3PM:  Blue Devils vs Brown's Electric (JV Division)
4PM:  Lakers vs Rockets (Varsity Division)
5PM:  Mavericks vs Pistons (Varsity Division)

Harlem High School
Noon:  Electric Elite vs GME Bulls (Middle School Division)
1PM:  GAIS 1 vs TBD (Middle School Division)
2PM:  GAIS JV vs Augusta Thunder
3PM:  Electric Elite vs Havoc (Middle School Division)
4PM:  GME Bulls vs GAIS 2 (Middle School Division)
5PM:  ABR Open MS vs Team Truth (Middle School Division)

Evans Middle School
10AM:  Presidential Ballers JV vs Georgia-Lina Heat (JV Division)
11AM:  Augusta Metros JV vs GA Nets JV (JV Division)
Noon:  Presidential Ballers R7 vs Team Premiere (Middle School Division)
1PM:  Carolina Chaos vs Presidential Ballers JV (JV Division)
2PM:  GA Celtics vs Presidential Ballers R8 (Middle School Division)


Thursday, August 1, 2013

2013 Free Fall League!

Will Avery and I are happy to announce the beginning of Fall League play Saturday, August 17.  Games will be played at Patriots Park, Evans High School, and Greenbrier High School on Saturdays (except August 31) until October 19.  Boys and Girls teams are invited to enter into the varsity, junior varsity, and middle school age divisions.  Like last Fall, we plan to conduct free skill development sessions (time permitting) during the morning for area players.

How to Enter a Team
Entering a team into the Fall League is free of charge.  We have gotten verbal commitments from nearly 40 teams.  We will keep registration open until August 9 and publish the schedule for the first Saturday's games and skill sessions Monday, August 12.  Reply to this email or call me at (706) 550-2229 to reserve a spot in the league.

How to Reserve a Spot (player without a team)
We are holding spots for two "ABR Live Open" teams.  Players who attend the free skill development sessions but do not belong to a Fall League team can participate in league play through these teams.  Reply to this email or call me at (706) 550-2229 to reserve a spot for an individual player.

Skill Sessions
Like last Fall, we are lining up a great group of coaches to teach the fundamentals of basketball during our free Saturday morning skill sessions.  Former collegiate and professional players will join our network of volunteer coaches to lead these activities.  See the video below about last year's skill sessions.

Fall Cup
This year's season finale will consist of two weekends (October 12 and 19) of playoff action and our first Fall League All Star Game.  Last year's Fall Cup was a blast.  Watch this segment from ABR TV for a review of the 2012 Fall Cup.

ABR Live is Back!
Some of you may have noticed the "ABR Live" local basketball coverage during the last two seasons.  We have selected specific events to cover during the 2013-2014 school year.  The Fall League is one of those events!

For more information, contact Chad Cook:
(706) 550-2229